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Welcome to SMS Property Preservation LLC, your trusted source for professional property preservation and landscaping services. Our commitment to the highest quality extends to specialized landscaping works, focusing on lawn care, shrub trimming, bushes, vines removal, weed whacking, sapling removal, and small tree trimming. With a guarantee of professional excellence, we pride ourselves on transforming properties with meticulous care and precision. Whether it’s maintaining lush lawns or sculpting greenery, we ensure your outdoor spaces thrive. Choose SMS Property Preservation LLC for a comprehensive range of services, where professionalism meets expertise. Elevate your property’s allure with our top-tier landscaping solutions!

About Us

SMS Property Preservation LLC is one of the best facilitators of residential property landscaping and lawn care services. We provide multifarious services such as shrubs trimming, flower bed trimming, vines removal, and saplings removal as well as pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure management.

Our Service Areas

Welcome to SMS Property Preservation LLC. We are offering service in United States. Mostly service providing areas: TX, NY, CT, DE, NJ, PA, RI.

Here is our office address:

Plano Plaza

Contact : (972) 665-8174